How to use jug safely?

A hot water bottle is a safe way to keep you warm. It is important that you use the jug properly. It's about how you fill the jug and store it when not in use.

Fill jug

Before you fill the jug, make sure the cover is on the jug. Always use a cover, so the hot water bottle is never too hot for your skin.

Never fill the jug with boiling water. The rubber jug ​​itself can withstand this. However, it is not recommended for your own safety.

Use maximum water of 60 degrees. This is about the hottest thing that comes out of a normal kitchen tap.

Fill the bottle about two-thirds full with water. This way it remains flexible and forms better around your body.

Check for hallmarks

Did you know that every jug must have 2 quality marks. Always check this! These quality marks are mandatory if you bought the jug in Europe.

  • BS1970:2012. This is the international safety standard for hot water bottles. The jars are then tested for thickness, filling instructions, cap, seam strength, pressure proof and labelling. With this quality mark you can be sure that the jug is safe. You can find this hallmark on the neck of the jug.

  • year. You can find the year on the neck of the jug. You can see in which year and month the jug was produced. From the image below you can deduce that the jug was made in May 2022.

When not using the jug

Has the winter ended and are you not going to use the water bottle for the next few weeks? Make sure you store the jar correctly.

  • Pour all the water out of the pitcher
  • Remove the cap
  • Store the jar in a dry, cold and dark place
  • Avoid sunlight

When you will use the jug again

Will the cold days start again? Do you think it's time for a hot water bottle again? Delicious!

Check the rubber jug ​​and cap for damage, cracks and leakage. First test with water to make sure the jug does not leak.

Using a jug for baby?

Are you going to use the hot water bottle for your baby? Only use the hot water bottle to preheat the bed. Remove the hot water bottle from the bed when the baby is in bed. Do you still want to use the hot water bottle when the baby is in bed? Consult this first with a doctor, maternity nurse or obstetrician.

Hopefully this way you will know more about the safety of jars.

Do you want to buy a jug that you are sure is safe?

Choose the Pasper jug. It complies with BS1970:2012 and was made in 2022. The Pasper jug ​​is extra large and therefore stays warm for an extra long time. You also get a soft cover. Delicious!

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